KARASK – Traditional Estonian Barley Bread Video

I know how to PIDU! I went to Estonia this summer and brought back a recipe for KARASK – Traditional Estonian Barley Bread and one freakishly small wooden spoon for Chef John of Foodwishes.

You might already know I went to Estonia this summer. But did you know that Chef John gave me this trip to Estonia? Yup. He just gave it to me.

Well, I did have to accept his trophy and grand prize trip for Best Food Program on the Web at The 2012 Taste Awards. I tried to talk Chef John out of giving me the trip but he insisted. And honestly, I didn’t put up much of a fight. Can you believe what a cool cat Chef John is?

The evening of The Taste Awards, I met cookbook author Marika Blossfeldt and she signed a copy of Essential Nourishment for me. I was showered with award-winning beauty products and sipped fancy vodka all night. As a result, I had awkward and possibly inappropriate conversations with fellow Taste Award winner Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen. But that’s not important right now.

What is important is that Average Betty brought home a Taste Award for Best Critic or Review Series. And Chef John’s trip to Estonia…

Watch How to Make Traditional Estonian Barley Bread and get a taste of Tallinn, Estonia!

How to Make Traditional Estonian Barley Bread
Get the KARASK – Traditional Estonian Barley Bread Recipe as seen in the video.


Idaho Potato Commission

There’s no denying that Chef John is a great friend for gifting me his trip to Estonia.

And he’s more than just a generous guy, he’s a mentor and inspiration.

Pille Petersoo of the captivating food blog, NAMI-NAMI and I had never met before she invited me to her home in Tallinn, Estonia.

But she opened her home, called a bunch of fellow food lovers and threw a party. Or pidu as they say in Estonian.

Now, I don’t have too much experience ranking epic life experiences, and obviously giving me a trip to Estonia is up-there.

Throwing me a pidu in Estonia? Sight unseen? That’s pretty up-there too. Just sayin’.

Pille wrote the menu for the party on the chalkboard in her kitchen in both English and Estonian. Her adorable kids embellished it (above, left).

You can see photos and descriptions of all the traditional Estonian dishes served at the pidu over at NAMI-NAMI.

Pille Petersoo
The very daring and hospitable Pille Petersoo and her family, in their Estonian home making Küpsisetort, a traditional Estonian Cookie Cake (above).


Estonian Epicures and How To Choose Wine Infographic
Introduction to my trip to Tallinn, Estonia: Estonian Epicures and How To Choose Wine Infographic.

Sara O'Donnell and Chef Dimitri Demjanov
My Trip to an Estonian Farmer’s Market: My Day With Chef Dimitri Demjanov.

Leib Restaurant
Dinner at Leib Restaurant: Leib: Estonian For Bread.

Visit Estonia
THANK YOU… Pille Petersoo; NAMI-NAMI, Chef Dimitri Demjanov; Gloria Restaurant, Marika Blossfeldt; Essential Nourishment, Michael Chan; Estonian Consul, Chef John Mitzewich; Foodwishes.com and The Taste Awards for making this Culinary Tour of Tallinn, Estonia possible and oh-so memorable.

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  1. Ana Luz Contreras de Obeso
    1/14/2014 at 10:14 am #

    Thank you Chef John!!!!
    Best Winter Ribs, Biscuits ,meatloaf, breads!!!!
    I love your way of teach, so simple ,so easy!!!!!

    I’ll tray average Betty”s and I know will be a start too. Thank you too.
    Ana Luz


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