The Secret is Out on Secret Menus


Are you good at keeping secrets?

Secrets are great when you’re in on them, but when you’re not… you can feel more than a little left out. And for me, that goes double for a restaurant. Have you ever dined at a restaurant only to find out later that there are secret menu items you could have ordered?

I’m not one to make special requests, especially at a fast food or fast casual restaurant. I despise ordering an entree and saying, “But can you hold the {insert item here}.” It doesn’t happen too often, because I don’t have food allergies and there aren’t many things I dislike. Chances are, if I feel that I need to special order, I simply don’t eat there anymore.

In-N-Out Double Double with Grilled Onions, Extra lettuce and tomato
So let’s just say, when I heard about the Secret Menu at In-N-Out my world changed. The friendly servers don’t bat an eye when I ask for grilled onions, extra lettuce and tomato and spicy peppers on the side. Learning the ins-n-outs of the Secret Menu transformed the entire Double-Double experience for me. Has this ever happened to YOU at a restaurant?

Watch my video and discover secrets to the IN-N-Out, Starbucks and Panera Bread menus and tell me, What secret menus do you know about?

In-N-Out Spicy Peppers
Restaurants mentioned in the video:
Panera Bread

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