Ankle Snaps. Baked to be broken.

There is no denying that cutout cookies require more effort than drop cookies. And there is also no denying that a gingerbread man tells a better story than a snickerdoodle. Especially when those gingerbread men are defensive basketball players that come in at the :24 second mark in this epic, minute-long Nike Basketball commercial featuring Kobe Bryant, directed by Angus Wall.


Ankle Snaps Cookies #COUNTONKOBE

No cookie cutters here. Equipped with a template and xacto-knife, I baked about eight dozen cookies over a two day period on the set for Kobe 8 System iD Basketball Shoes. Because it was my first time as a baker for a commercial, there was a lot to learn. The first thing I learned is that I should have brought an oven mitt.

Ankle Snaps Cookies #COUNTONKOBE

More cookies! While scenes with Kobe Bryant body-double, Dee, were being shot, I was making more cookies. Stage Manager, Kevin, captured these images for me.

Ankle Snaps Cookies #COUNTONKOBE

Oh snap! Check out the Ankle Snaps framed in the video monitor and Director, Angus Wall looking on (back row, center). When the cookie scene wrapped, I couldn’t resist a photo with Dee (right) because I’ve never been so proud of cookies that were baked to be broken… not eaten!

Kobe 8 System iD Basketball Shoes

Special thanks to Nicole and Mando of Presley’s Pantry and Pecubu Productions for getting me this gig.

If only cookies collected royalties…


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2 Responses to “Ankle Snaps #COUNTONKOBE”

  1. Stephanie, The Recipe Renovator
    1/24/2013 at 12:13 pm #

    Awesome! I remember when you posted about the shoot! :)

  2. Average Betty
    1/25/2013 at 11:51 am #

    Thanks, Stephanie! So much fun! Really interesting to compare how I shoot my little production and how the big boys do it :)

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