Gimme Some Sugar Cookie

Decorated Sugar Cookies
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Gimme Some Sugar Cookie
When Valentine’s Day rolls around, you know love is in the air! Or maybe on the air is more appropriate with all of those diamond store commercials pimping their Diamond Heart Pendants for Valentine’s Day. And it’s not just the diamond retailers; it’s also the florists, chocolatiers and teddy bear companies flooding the media with messages designed to do one thing: Mobilize men to open their wallets and spend big bucks on their special lady friend.

But irrespective of the cost, extravagance or sweetness of the gift, no Valentine’s Day is complete without that romantic Valentine’s date. And when it comes to Valentine’s dates, it doesn’t get any more dramatic than the Valentine’s “blind date.”

Blind Date Betty finds herself at the epicenter of a Valentine’s Day thriller when she’s set up on a blind date with the prototypical jock/heartthrob, Biff Johnson. Will sparks fly when Biff meets Blind Date Betty, or will Betty’s chances go down in flames like so many times before? Watch Gimme Some Sugar Cookie to find out for yourself…

Veoh Networks
OMG, the awesome people at Veoh Networks featured “Gimme Some Sugar Cookie” in their coveted home page video player! Although Veoh has featured approximately fifteen Average Betty episodes on their home page, “Gimme Some Sugar Cookie” was the first to appear in the video player! Betty’s video debuted in the #2 position behind her good friends, Viral on Veoh, and has racked up more than 25,000 views! Thanks for the love, Veoh!

Betty won the iFoods.TV video contest in January, 2008, and takes home the grand prize of $150 bucks! Mmm… Betty can hardly wait to take that cash out on the town and enjoy a nice meal prepared by someone else! Big thanks to Niall and Sean of iFoods.TV for not only creating an awesome online community for foodies, but also for sharing a portion of the ad revenue with content providers every month! That’s a sweet treat in the Valentine’s Day spirit!

The Clip Show
The Clip Show Jim & Chuck of The Clip Show showed Betty some early Valentine’s Love in their latest episode, which is their “annual list of podcasts you should have watched in 2007.” Check it out! Not only will you see what they say about Betty, but also what shows they think you should spend time on your computer watching in 2008. If Betty published a list of podcasts that you should watch in 2008, The Clip Show would be at the top!

Elsie's Live Yoga Class
Elsie’s Live Yoga Class Looking for something spicy, fun and uplifting for your iPod? Check out Elsie’s live and unplugged Anusara yoga classes! Her classes are for all Yoga levels with an emphasis on alignment, which is perfect for Betty ‘cuz you know she needs some straightening out!

Betty on Flickr
BIG TIME BETTY LOVE! Betty thanks all of the super cool people that watch, vote, write and comment to enrich the Average Betty community, especially those that give feedback and keep in touch! Like Kish Fish, Anne F, langley, michaele, Clintus M, Alex, Paul B, Dave C from Toronto and last but certainly not least Ivan.

And Betty wants to hear from YOU! Have a recipe you want Betty to try? Maybe a show idea? Want an autographed picture? Need to vent? Write to Betty or leave a comment and tell her what’s on your mind! She’ll do her best to make you happy. :)

Thanks for watching!

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