Wicked Web! Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Sushi


This spooky season I’m sharing the coolest ghoulishness I’ve seen Around the Wicked Web…

I have been subscribed to Ochikeron on YouTube for quite some time and I’m always impressed.

Ochikeron Eats Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Sushi

Full confession: I’m usually dumb-founded. Not only is Ochikeron completely charming but her recipes are straight-up creative and fun.

Take this Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Sushi for example. Adorable, yes, but it’s also made with seasoned avocado rice and smoked salmon, so even your non-sushi loving friends are bound to think it’s jack-o-licious.

Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Sushi

In her step-by-step video, Ochikeron demonstrates how anyone can pull off this savory Halloween treat. You can get the complete recipe on her blog, Create the Happy.

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More from Around the Wicked Web to come…

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Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Sushi

Happy Halloween!

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