The Wizard of Ozumo Video

I met up with the wizard, Toshio Sakamaki, Executive Sushi Chef of Ozumo Santa Monica. A transplant from the renowned Ozumo San Francisco, Chef Toshio was sharpening his knives when we arrived. He was ready to roll, and we were rolling!

More about the Grand Opening of Ozumo and all the delicious sushi Chef Toshio prepared for me!

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  1. Toshio Sakamaki – Ozumo Santa Monica | Average Betty - 9/1/2010

    […] Ozumo at Santa Monica Place is cool and elegant. The decor is dark soothing. The long space envelops you like sudoku. Behind the sushi bar is Toshio Sakamaki, rolling sushi like I’ve never tasted. Fish flown in from Japan. Finely peeled daikon and cucumber in place of nori. Soy paper. Caviar. And best of all? Truly bite-sized. See this master sushi chef in action and get a glimpse of the delicious sushi creations and chic ambiance that await you at Ozumo… watch The Wizard of Ozumo! […]

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