Master the Grilled Wedge Salad

Master the Grilled Wedge Salad at

It may sound crazy to grill lettuce, but it turns out, Grilled Wedge Salad is just crazy good. Summer is only getting shorter and your coals are just getting warmed up. You gotta give the Grilled Wedge Salad a try… especially if you want to keep your reining title, Grill Master.

Learn the 5 easy steps to making Grilled Wedge Salad featuring my fantastic 5 Ingredient Blue Cheese Dressing at

Watch the video to get my 5 ingredient Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe. Ingredients and measurements here.

The Everyday Collection Ad campaign from Target cracks me up. But the selection in their grocery & essentials department is no joke. We’re talking fresh meats and produce, people.

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This post is seriously fabulous.

That’s why it’s brought to you by The Everyday Collection by Target.

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  1. GeezLouise!
    7/27/2013 at 7:54 am #

    Grilled lettuce is fab… I’ve been thinking about doing a grilled Caesar

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